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In this description of laying out 58,3 m² the total savings are optimal for our system, resulting in a saving of 68,92 NOK / m². At the same time, the contractor could reduce the number of days on site. 

The size of the roof and the location of the drain are almost identical to the test conducted by Paroc AB, with rock wool that gave very positive results (read the Paroc test here). We have therefore chosen to document this layout in a full-scale test with EPS.


6 please

We delivered 6 roofs from Vartdal with a combination of wedges and our circular fall for a construction project in Lier, calculated savings include only one roof:

The ceiling size is 10,0 mx 5,83 m = 58,3 m².

Consumption of time when laying roofs with traditional fall: 2 man x 6 hours = 12 hours.
Consumption of time laying ceiling with circular drop with wedges: 2 man x 3 hours = 6 hours.

Cost staff is 450 NOK per hour, so saving of working hours is 450 NOK x 6 = 2.700 = if we share on the roof area which is 58,3 m², the savings will be 46,30 SEK per m².


Reduced welding

There was significantly less welding of roof coatings, down to 50% as you do not have to make folded water drains or superstructure with traditional wedges. In the pictures you can see that the roof covering goes over the roof without water gutters. This provides clear benefits. The case is available in 1: 40 and 1: 60

In this case, the insulation savings were only 10%, while the reductions in consumption of cardboard were 21M². The roof covering is estimated to cost 60 NOK per m²: 21 m² x 60 NOK = 1.260 NOK. If we share on the roof area which is 58,3 m², the savings will be 21,61kr per m².

Total savings per roof on this project: Saving working hours 2.700 NOK + saving roof cover 1260 NOK = 3.960 NOK / 58,3 m² = 68,92 NOK per m² in savings.



The contractor can reduce the number of days on site, which is a solid financial saving. Green imprint. The removal of spillage and sheathing / insulation and roofing is reduced, which in turn leads to less consumption of containers that must be driven away. This cost saving is not included in the assessment.


Green imprint

The quality of the roof and the fall is the best you can achieve as no water drains are worked up on the roof. The system is designed for green ceilings as a result of a perfect fall. Ie that no matter where you are on the roof, the drop angle is the same, and there will be no water buildup. This gives extended life on top membrane and prevents the grass in water causing rot.