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Roof and floor with perfect fall installed quickly and easily

With our modular system with built-in circular fall, you can lay out roofs and floors in half of the time compared to ordinary techniques.

Built-in fall

Lay out GradeRoof ™ or GradeFloor ™ on a flat surface for a perfect fall to the drain.

"Everyone" can do it

Craftsmen and handymen can easily lay out roofs and floors with our system.

Lightweight plates/elements provide better HSE

Flooring without hundreds of kilos of concrete is dream for many. Good for your back and HSE.

Elements and installation instructions

GradeRoof ™ comes as a prefabricated construction kit with installation instructions. 

Efficient and profitable

Increase profitability. Get the job done faster with fewer craftsmen needed. 

Environmentally friendly with minimum cutting and waste

The fall is intergrated in the EPS (styrofoam) or rock wool elements at the factory, where waste is recycled. Less waste on the construction site. 


Patented method

The elements/plates gets the circular fall integrated at the production facility. The circular fall provides an even fall to the drain like a "flat funnel", which has been developed and tested over many years. 


Roof elements in industrial cooperation

We deploy the cutting machines at the manufacturers´ production facility and integrate the circular fall into the EPS / stone wool elements, as a value-added service. 


Replaces many processes and professions

Both roofs and floors can be installed by unspecialized craftsmen / handymen. There will be fewer workers involved, reduced time waste and fuss. 

“Everyone” can make a roof and floor profitable

while protecting against damage from water and ice

You do not have to wait or spend money on specialists to install GradeRoof ™ or GradeFloor ™. The floor plates and roof insulation come as simple, numbered building kits that every craftsman / handyman can install. The fall goes perfectly to one or more drainages. 

The integrated fall is made by advanced robots and techniques. It is not like the "angular" 2-way or 4- way method, but circular. This means the fall is inclining evenly and smoothly down to the drain. 

The circular fall doesn't include any water valleys like the traditional methods. The water valleys collect dirt and water/ice, which tear on the substrate and reduces the lifespan.

GradeRoof ™ and GradeFloor ™ make it possible for carpenters, construction workers, electricians, plumbers and handymen to make flat roofs and wet room floors easy. Roofers can greatly increase the efficiency of their deliveries and become more competitive. The weight is low - good for sore backs and HSE. 

Why wait? Get started on the next project!

Better symmetrical fall - an innovative settlement with old methods

Always perfect, funnel-shaped fall on a flat surface. Significantly faster and easier to lay out. Less planning, commotion and time waste when any craftsman or handyman can effectively install and lay out the elements.

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