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Get an even fall and drainage on the entire roof

GradeRoof™ is comparable to a very flat funnel on the roof. The funnel always directs the water towards the drain. "Everyone" can add our numbered building sets.


  • Material Types: EPS, stone wool and PIR
  • Options: Plates and wedges 2-way/4-way fall
  • Competence: Craftsman / handy regardless of specialization

An efficient and profitable way of laying roof insulation and covering

With GradeRoof ™, both roofers and other craftsmen can lay out the roof with perfect fall, fast and profitable. The roof comes prefabricated for your project, with installation instructions. Delivered in EPS, stone wool or a combination of both. 

The construction industry wants increased profitability. GradeFloor contributes to significantly higher efficiency and better, more durable solutions. Circular falls send water to the right place. In addition, our "flat funnel construction" makes it easier to lay roofing with fewer, difficult joints.  

  • Significant efficiency improvements
  • Prefabricated and customized for your specific project in EPS/stone wool
  • Circular drainage sends the water perfectly to the drain 
  • Simpler roof covering that provides increased safety against leakage
  • Avoid decay in grass on green roofs
  • The roof durability can increase by many, many years


The traditional method where you need to cut the insulation and roof covering, which provide more material consumption.

Grade Roof's circular fall. No cutting of insulation or roof cover when building drainage to the drain.

Flexible system that can be turned to the location of the drain.

The video says more than 1000 words. Here you can see three roofs (52m²) of stone wool being laid in parallel. You will gain insight into the differences in planning and the method for laying both insulation and roof covering.

Before GradeFloor AS introduced the circular fall to flat roofs, the 4-way fall was essentially the best option. It will therefore be more accurate to compare it with the 4-way fall. 

The savings are not just related to the laying of the insulation. The roof cover is also applied much faster on the GradeRoof ™ insulation. It will also become easier to glue and wield. The simplest is often the best.

Comparison of methods (roof size: XNUMXmXNUMX)

GradeRoof ™ circular fall2 way fall4 way fall
Planning time0 min3 min 45 sec3 min 45 sec
Insulation7 min21 min 15 sec43 min
Cover4,5 min12 min 45 sec18 min
Insulation, waste0 m20 m230 m2
Cover, waste 0m218 m225 m2
Total time11 min 30 sec37 min 45 sec64 min 45 sec
Cost per m2kr 21,19 / m2kr 75,50 / m2
(saving SEK 54,51 / m2)
kr 129,25 / m2
(saving SEK 105,06 / m2)

Spend some minutes on the videos now and save plenty of time later!

Prefabricated case

Enthusiastic representatives of Grade Floor follow the company's machine that cuts EPS or stone wool with finished circular fall. The company places the machines at the manufacturers´ production house. 

The machine in Vartdal

The machine cuts height, width and length at the same time. This is how the circular fall is created. Grade Floor adds the circular fall as a value-added service to the manufacturer. This machine is located at Vardal's Plastindustri. 

Believe it when you see it

You almost won't believe it until you see it. Here you can follow the parallel layout of Grade Roof and a competitive roofing system. Who do you think will win?

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