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Privacy policy

Privacy Statement and Cookie Use

Here you will find information on how GradeFloor AS processes (collects, stores and handles) the privacy information and what rights you have under the privacy law.


treatment Responsible

GradeFloor AS is responsible for the processing of personal data and should give you sufficient information so that you know what is happening and secure the information to others.


Purpose and Information GradeFloor processes

GradeFloor processes information to provide services and conduct business in accordance with agreements with customers, regulations and good business practice. We collect information about customers, suppliers, sources of information, media, interest organizations, public organizations, partners, their employees, their own and potential employees.

We collect information about name, company, phone / email / contact points, website, about what we have been contacting to refresh memory, network and industry - but, not always this about everyone, only when relevant. For contacts we have a closer, personal relationship with, we gather birthday. We do not collect information that is not relevant.


Online treatment and eDM

You may voluntarily provide GradeFloor personal information through In any case, we do not treat anything other than the above.

Our website is at Domeneshop and we manage it ourselves.


Cookies • cookies uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience, help us to generally target the site better and deliver marketing based on your interests. The cookies are software that, for example, gives us statistics on how often our site is visited, from which parts of the world this happens and which pages are read.


eDM Newsletter

We do not currently broadcast this. We will ask for consent if we are to do this later.


Disclosure of personal data and use of data processors

Sometimes the contacts of GradeFloor wonder if we have the names and contact data of someone who it might be useful for them to have contact with. We then consider whether such contact will be mutually useful and, if so, share contact data. We do this with caution. People authorized by law get information.

As of today, external parties are not involved in the management of our computer systems and thus no personal data, except for the auditor and accountants with whom we have data processing agreements. The data is processed in the EU / EEA. Old data is routinely deleted when released from statutory storage requirements.



We store personal information as long as it is relevant and deletes regularly. Cookies-collected information is usually deleted after two years.


Your rights and complaints

You can demand access, correction or deletion of your information. Contact GradeFloor about this if you want. Read more about your rights at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. There you will also find information on how you can complain about GradeFloor if you believe that we do not process your personal information correctly.


Storage and security

GradeFloor has routines that ensure that personal data is lost.



If we change anything, GradeFloor will update this document. Last update was 15. April 2019.