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Grade Floor launches a new addition to its funnel-shaped, prefabricated roofing system with mineral wool as insulation material.

Link to the article published in Link

Link to the article published in Link

In 2014, Grade Floor AS launched a funnel-shaped wet room floor system with panels in EPS. The plates are laid straight on a flat surface and, according to the report, cause a circular drop to drain in a short time.

In the fall of 2016, Buskerud Blikk could, for the first time in Norway, install the GradeRoof sequel with the same principle for roofing.

- We originally developed a cutting robot that cut EPS with filament. To give the contractors greater choice and to double our own market potential, we have now entered the mineral wool market by further developing the robot with a rotating carbide wire, says Marketing Manager Elling Wirum in Grade Floor.

- The robot cuts mineral wool as if it were butter, he says in the press release.

The company does not produce EPS or mineral wool itself, but places robots in the production line of insulation manufacturers. This increases the price of the insulation itself in the order of 20-30 percent, but Grade Floor writes in the press release that this should be earned several times through reduced material and time consumption.

- The waste at the construction site of Grade Roof is in practice zero. What arises from cutting in production can be recycled directly. At the construction site, wastage is perhaps as much as 30 percent for traditional systems, Wirum claims.


No customization

- We deliver a good roof and at the same time get a good, economical saving on each roof, says Trond Syvertsen in GS Bygg after the experience with ten roofs, each of which is on 70 m² in Lier municipality.

Subcontractor Buskerud Blikk is also thrilled:

- The fall on the Grade Roof can be compared to a four-way fall, where there is often a lot of customization to get the water right. With this roof system there is no adjustment, it is sufficient to follow the marking. It's quick to add, says project manager Tobias Ingeroth in Buskerud Blikk in the press release.