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Wet room plates with built-in fall

First, make a flat surface. Then add GradeFloor ™ with the built-in fall. It´s simple, ingenious and patented. You´ll never return to the old method.


Material Types: EPS
Assembly: Cut to and glue
Competence: Craftsman / handy regardless of specialization

Safe funnel against moisture problems. "Everyone" can add

GradeFloor contributes to increased profitability, simplicity and safety when installed in wet room floors. The floor helps to ensure water down to the drain and will therefore help against costly complaints.


Professional customers and "do it yourself"

We appeal directly to professional builders such as housing producers, contractors, housing associations, hotel chains and builders who produce larger volumes. The professional building market and do-it-yourself market will be served through building chains and plumbing wholesalers.

The simplicity is just as attractive for the contractors who build thousands of houses a year as it is for the "do it yourself" customers, example: building a bathroom in the cabin. Everyone save time, cost, back pain and irritation.

GradeFloor is designed to make it significantly easier and to reduce costs of building wet rooms and terraces.

Perfect against water damage

Water damage due to incorrect fall on wet room floors is a major and costly problem. With the GradFloor system, the result is perfect. There are seven plate sizes in the system. You start with the lowest (plate 1) with a fall towards the drain. Plate 2 continues the fall from plate 1, plate 3 continues the fall from plate 2, etc. When each plate is on 1 square meters then you can build yourself 6-7 meters in each direction. If you need a fall in even larger areas, you can establish more drains and falls.

Benefits of GradeFloor:

  • Easy to lay without the need for specialized labor. Lay out Grade Floor plates, attach heating cables in collaboration with an electrician and have a 2-3 cm layer of levelling compound on top
  • Easy! Instead of carrying heavy mortar, you carry plates. 5 sqm. floors weigh only 6-7 kg. It goes faster and is good for health / EHS
  • Laid out in hours, not days. Heavily reduced drying time of the mortar
  • Great advantages in one wet room - Greater advantages in several



It's that simple

The GradeFloor ™ demonstration video illustrates:

  • Cutting of the plates with a utility knife/saw
  • Plate 1 already has a carved hole for the drain
  • The lowest level on plate 2 corresponds to the highest level on plate 1
  • You can see a pattern where 10 w/m heating cable can be laid. Attach with glue
  • Apply 2-3 cm of levelling compound
  • Apply the wet room top membrane
  • Apply the tile glue directly on the membrane
  • Apply the tile/floor coverings

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