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Buskerud Blikk has installed the first GradeRoof roof that forms an almost perfect funnel against flat roof slopes

Link to the article published in Link

Link to the article published in Link

Norske Grade Floor AS has had its breakthrough in Norway on roofing systems. With the roofing system, roofing contractors can double deliveries with the same crew, the manufacturer writes in a press release.

GradeRoof is for all types of flat roofed buildings including residential and industrial and commercial buildings.

The market for the system is many hundreds of thousands of square meters per year in Norway and Sweden alone, the company believes.

- The goal is to streamline the work of the roofing contractor and at the same time give the client a roof with a longer service life and lower operating and maintenance costs, says marketing coordinator Elling Wirum in Grade Floor.

Norwegian capital

Bjørn Sund is a board member of the company. The idea is Swedish, but the entrepreneurs had to go to Norway to find investors who dared to bring the idea to the market.

GradeRoof was installed for the first time on a full scale in Stockholm in May 2016. In Norway, Buskerud Blikk has in the autumn used the system on a building in Åmot municipality that has both roofs and terraces with extinguishing solutions.

- The fall on GradeRoof can be compared to a four-way fall, where there is often a lot of adaptation to guide the water correctly. With this new roof system, there is zero adjustment, but it is sufficient to follow the markings. It is quick to install, says project manager Tobias Ingeroth in Buskerud Blikk.

Board member Bjørn Sund and market coordinator Elling Wirum in Grade Floor in the company's showroom in Ski outside Oslo. (Photo: Grade Floor)

Following the experience in Åmot, the roofing company has placed new orders.

GradeRoof represents a whole new concept and has attracted much interest. Competitive roof systems are typically based on brick and wedge systems that create uneven falls, gutters and gutters. A lot of time can be used to calculate the correct combination of wedges of standard EPS elements. Also, there is a risk of dirt, water and ice being left behind.


Down in the neighborhood

- Water freezes and thaws in repeated cycles during the winter. The process and movements are comparable to grinding on the technical coating. The result is increased operating and maintenance costs, says Elling Wirum in Grade Floor.


Grade Floor AS has developed EPS and ceiling panels in EPS with a built-in circular drop. With the plates, falls can be established at the fraction of normal time consumption and with confidence that the water flows straight into the drain.
In the bathroom, laundry room and other wet rooms, the GradeFloor plate is provided with holes for draining first and then the other plates, which the craftsman can cut with saw or knife. When the drain is placed in the middle, the system holds an area of ​​14 * 14 meters and it is of course possible to have several swallows in the room.

- In a funnel, everything flows straight down the hole. That's why we build a funnel on the roof that carries all the water straight down the drain. In this way, we increase service life and reduce service and maintenance costs.

The roofing system has significantly fewer elements than competing systems. The elements provide a virtually perfect, circular drop with different degrees of inclination. The fall is constant from element one to element two to three, etc.

The system today comes with elements that make it possible to build large, funnel-shaped surfaces that direct the water to cornice or one or more gutters on the roof. The system is designed flexibly to allow the water to flow properly regardless of the roof's shape and design.

Deliver more with the same staffing

- As GradeRoof is easy to lay, it also simplifies the laying of rock wool and cardboard. There will be less cutting, fermentation and wastage, says Wirum.

- Experience shows a strong increase in productivity in the construction process itself. With the system, roofing contractors will be able to take on many more assignments with the same personnel resources. The increase in productivity in the construction process will strengthen the contractor's competitiveness in tender processes, he says.


Facts about Grade Floor:

The story started for approx. Eight years ago with Stockholmer Tord Sjöden, who had long experience with robots and heat wire machines for the EPS industry. He had noticed that water often goes astray in bathrooms with the associated high costs of repair and repairs.

This led him to the idea of ​​developing a bathroom floor in EPS sheets with a perfectly circular drop to the drain. The idea was patented. Later, the floor concept GradeFloor was further developed into GradeRoof. An advanced four-axis robot cuts to the GradeRoof disks.