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Grade Floor AS has developed and patented a floor for bathrooms and wet rooms with a built-in fall against drain.

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Link to the article in Link

The Grade Floor floors have a built-in, circular drop and are laid straight on flat surfaces. The floor comes as plates in either EPS or PUR. The artisans cut the boards with saw or wallpaper knife, lay them and thus the fall is established, says a company press release.


The Chair of Grade Floor AS points out in the press release that establishing a fall against the drain is a time-consuming work of accuracy whether the floor is new or part of a rehabilitation project. Furthermore, the faults arising from water are in the process of decay, often only when the wet room is used, either in the form of water that drains away from the drain or as water damage in floors and in walls on lower floors.

- Then both the damage and the errors are very costly to rectify, he comments.

- With our product, the fall is correct every time in less time than by laying using standard methods. We believe that our floors can be laid down to 10 percent of normal time. In addition, construction costs for the fall could be reduced by up to 75 percent.

Different height

The wet room floor is made up of up to seven simple elements of varying height, which together provide a slope towards one or more gutters. Placing the switch off in the middle holds the items for bathrooms at 14 × 14 meters which are enough for most people.

- Traditional flooring with slabs or castings usually involves many heavy lifting. The Grade Floor products are light and solid, and positive for HSE as the risk of incorrect lifting and wear damage is reduced, Nylände emphasizes.

Larger construction projects

In September, Grade Floor completed a successful issue of NOK 5 million. The issue ensures further development of production and distribution as well as marketing of the patented flooring concept.

Initially, Grade Floor aims at major construction projects. The company either delivers the floorboards separately or as complete floor packages including heating cables, screed, membrane etc.

Originally Swedish idea 

Grade Floor AS (formerly Instant Floor) has developed and patented its method with standardized circular slabs. The panels can easily and quickly be used on all surfaces where there is a need for slopes such as bathroom floors, garage floors, flat roofs, terraces, etc. The company is Norwegian, while the idea is originally from Sweden where production also takes place. On the stairs, Grade Floor also has a concept for flat roofs with slopes.